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About Gian

Certified Advanced Rolfer®
Egoscue™ University Certified
Postural Corrective Therapy
Registered Massage Therapist

20160812-DSC_1609Gian Gibson graduated in 2006 from the Somatics Institute School of Massage in Edmonton, AB (2-year full time program 2500-hours) and has been practicing massage therapy since 2006 as a Registered Massage Therapist and a Certified Rolfer (Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado and Barra Da Sahy, Brazil 2008). In Brazil he was privileged to learn from Jan Sultan, one of the few living instructors to have studied directly under Dr. Ida Rolf. Post training includes Rolf Movement and Anti-aging Rolfwork, Primal Postural Correction, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Postural Alignment Specialist(PAS level 1&2 Egoscue University Certified) and Visceral Manipulation.

With over 3000 hours of training, Gian Gibson customizes his treatments accordingly to reduce pain, restore structural/functional balance and awareness.  He focuses his work on the fascia—the sheathing membrane that covers muscles, tendon, and organs.  The fascia, like a girdle, gives shape and length to soft tissue.  Gian helps reshape and hydrate fascia with precise hands-on care followed by education for lasting change.  With Rolfing techniques, he treats painful issues like scoliosis, chronic back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, nerve inflammation, rotator cuff pain, TMJD, and pain recovery associated with injury and surgery.

Gian’s treatments have prompted outstanding responses from musicians, health care professionals, actors, elite dancers, yoga practitioners, massage therapists, athletes, as well as many corporate professionals and the elderly.  He works with clients to address issues of the whole body—how it is ordered and balanced, how it moves, and how one issue can lead to problems elsewhere.  Gian specializes in assessing and treating body alignment by reshaping fascia and educating his client.

Gian Gibson is a member in good standing of the National Health Practitioners of Canada. His Massage Therapy License number is accepted by all Insurance Providers in Alberta exceeding the 2200-hour minimum training requirement.